Photographer: Phill Cannings

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Hungerford Town FC
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Callum Willmoth
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Swindon Town FC
Kintbury FC
Newbury FC
Thatcham Town FC
Hungerford Town FC


So Callum, what type of midfielder are you ?

I’m a very energetic and combative midfielder. Like to get on the ball and get us ticking but also love  the physical and grafting side of the game off the ball.

What are your biggest strengths and your biggest weaknesses?

I’d like to think my biggest strength is my ability on the ball and my vocal ability on the pitch. Constantly talking giving out info can help your fellow team mates. My weakness I’d say is getting involved sometimes with referee and opposition players when I shouldn’t do. Usually out of frustration but that’s part of my game. 

How do you prepare for an (important) competition? (music, rituals, etc.)

To be honest I’m not very superstitious and don’t have any rituals. I always prepare right the night before and on the morning of a game. Plenty of rest and fluids and healthy food. Nothing out the ordinary for most lads.

Could you tell us about your experience at youth football?

I came though Swindon town youth. I loved youth football as you was competing against your own age. I played in the youth when I was u15 so I think that helped my development growing up and put me in good stead when I was in the youth team officially.

In the past you played football for Swindon Town FC. How did you experience these period?

My time at Swindon town was class. I was there from the age of 9, 3 times a week right through to 17/18 when I was full time. Won the milk cup in Northern Ireland which was an amazing experience at such a young age. Have some amazing memories from my years at Swindon and some lifelong friends. Great club and can’t thank my coaches enough over the years.

After your time by Swindon Town FC, you moved to Thatcham Town FC. Did you noticed a lot of difference between these clubs?

Yes after being released by Swindon i moved back home to the Newbury /Thatcham area and started playing men’s football for Thatcham in the southern league. Was a big difference from what I was used to. I loved the physical side of the game which was so different. I think that first season making the jump into men’s football really showed me the difference between youth and men’s football. Made me realise I had to work even harder in the non-league men’s game.

Since 2017 you played for Hungerford Town FC. Why did you chose for Hungerford ?

I moved  to Hungerford after a couple decent season I had a t Thatcham. I knew bobby Wilkinson for many years and he was keeping tabs on me at Thatcham. When they offered me to join it was shard as I am a Thatcham boy and their my local club. But I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to test myself at conference south level. The jump up made me even hungrier to go show my ability at that level.

Callum, what is your best game you’ve ever been involved in?

My best game I’ve been involved in is a hard choice. One that sticks out for me personally was at the milk cup in the quarter final. I scored a 35 year rocket to put us into the semi against Maccabi Haifa. That has stuck with me for years that one.

Callum, what are your personal goals for the rest of your career ?

My goals for this season is to get Hungerford town as high up that table as possible. To perform to the best of my ability and strive to get the best out of my teammates.