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Hungerford Town FC
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Matt Jones
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Swindon Town FC
2014 (on loan)
Swindon Supermarine FC
2014 (on loan)
Wantage Town FC
2014 (on loan)
Chippenham Town FC
2014 (on loan)
Farnborough FC
Chippenham Town FC
Hungerford Town FC


So Matt – tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Matt Jones and I play for Hungerford Town FC.

How important is football for you

Football is a massive part of my life, when it’s good I’m a different person. It’s one of the things I have that’s a bit of a release and gives me a chance to go have some fun with mates. It’s always been a major part of my life from the start and I don’t think that will ever change. I’m a trainee PE teacher now, so I balance it with that. It’s tricky at times but it’s two things I love doing and when they work well together it’s probably the only other thing I would happily do for a living, other than play full time football.

Who are the most important people within football environment?

Probably the lads the I play with at whatever club I’m at. So now at Hungerford, I enjoy being in and around it. I’m a bit of a clown around the changing room environment so without that, football wouldn’t be the same for me! I’d say my Mrs as well, sounds busy I know, but she’s the only one who will keep on at me if I do go off track at all, so I have her to thank for a lot.

You came through the youth system of your hometown club, Swindon Town FC, where you signed as an 11-year-old boy. How did you get into the youth of Swindon Town FC ? And who helped you the most?

I actually left Reading when I was 10 because my dad moved away, and I couldn’t get there anymore, they weren’t great about the whole situation and wouldn’t terminate my contract, knowing I would just go to Swindon. So I played Sunday league for year, had a laugh and enjoyed it. After that Swindon came to one of my school games and asked me to join them and it went from there. Throughout my entire time there Nutty (Jeremy Newton) was a massive influence, he told me when things weren’t quite right and was honest with me when I really needed it, so I probably have him to thank for a lot! He’s the reason I’m at Hungerford as well now.

By Swindon Town FC, you was loaned out to different football clubs. How did you experience these periods?

Some of them were great and I learnt a lot about men’s football. Some were awful and I couldn’t wait to get out of there to be honest. They all taught me a lot, I think every young lad should try it, it’s by far the best thing I did in helping my development into men’s football. I started low in non-league and after each loan, I jumped up a league, eventually I ended up at Farnborough in the conference south and met some great people and enjoyed it. I broke my foot so had to cut it short but I eventually went back a few years later.

On the final day of the 2013–14 season, you made your professional football debut in the Football League One. How important was that moment for you ?

Growing up, I was a massive Swindon fan! As in I would literally go home and away every week, even missed school a few times to go to midweek away matches. So making my debut for them was unreal, it’s still an amazing experience to have had and I’ll never forget it, but I would have loved to have more than just the debut to be honest and I regret not making more of the opportunity I had as a pro, but you live and you learn, now I know to never take it for granted if something like that ever came about again. It all went down hill from there as well haha, so I don’t place it to near to the top of the pile of life achievements if I’m being honest.

You have played at several football clubs. At which club did you learned the most?

I would probably say my time at Chippenham and now being at Hungerford have taught me the most. At Chippenham I learnt how powerful team togetherness can be. We won the league off the back of all just being really good mates, we didn’t have the best team in that league, we only trained once a week and most of our time was spent at one of our players pubs, but we won the league with record points! It just proves that having a good team spirt can get you a long way, I look for that in every changing room I’m in now. At Hungerford I learnt how to battle though, as in really fighting for something. We’re always written off before we even kick a ball and it’s down to us to prove everyone wrong. It’s hard but I think it’s one of the best traits you can have as a player.

What is your most important football lesson you have learned and who taught you that?

To enjoy it as much as you can. I’ve been told that same thing by a lot of people within football and my gaffer still says the same thing now. You never know when it will end, and it does fly by so you need to enjoy it as much as you can while you still can. When I was younger I moaned a lot and got on people’s cases and didn’t enjoy football, but now I’m much more relaxed about it and try and have fun with it when I can, so that is 100% something I will always try and do with football, for however long it goes on for.

Proudest moment of your career so far?

I’d say winning the league with Chippenham. You may never get the chance to actually win something in football, so doing it so young and enjoying it so much was amazing. We broke the record for league points in a season and had a laugh along the way, I couldn’t have planned a Bette season if you tried. I’m proud of a few things I’ve done in football but that is up there as the stand out one for sure. Staying up with Hungerford was a very proud moment last year as well. Playing so many games in the season and achieving something no one expected you to was a great feeling.

Matt, what are your personal goals for the rest of this season?

My personal goals would be to play as many games as I can, keep working hard and obviously help get Hungerford out of the situation we are in at the moment. I’ve moved about in my positioning this year and I’m experiencing playing in new areas in games, so trying to develop that is massive for me as well. But the main focus is 100% staying in this league for next season and then building from there I think.